Texans DE J.J. Watt receives raucous welcome in Houston before team’s season opener

nfljersey-wholesale.com defensive end Jerseys paused at the end of the tunnel, taking in the scene as he was introduced before the Texans opened their season against the on Sunday. He held the Texas flag before the team’s first game at NRG Stadium since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston two weeks ago. NRG Stadium erupted when he was announced, and Watt ran out, emphatically waving the Texas flag, getting the crowd pumped up. Do You Wish To View The Best Places To Identify The ?

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Deafening roar for JJ Watt when he was just introduced. pic.twitter.com/dumTapVxlY

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— Jeff Darlington (@JeffDarlington) September 10, 2017

nfl football pro bowl 2007 toyota fj In the two weeks since Houston was hit by devastating flooding, Watt has helped raise more than $30 million for a Houston flood relief fund. After returning to Houston, Watt and his teammates have spent time visiting those affected by the hurricane and donating supplies. Before the game, the Texans honored cheap jerseys first responders who served during Harvey and held a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the storm’s aftermath.